Today: August 19 2018
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And life, like Fasting ...

The closer the Fast, the more conversations.
And people with thoughts turn to each other.
More and more discussions, opinions, disputes.
Do not eat-fast or just repent.

And someone before Lent suddenly remembered about his health,
Decided that this is an excuse to lose weight.
And someone filled the glass to the edge with wine,
To repent, go up to heaven.

Around only a whisper: "I will not eat and drink.
All the days of Fasting with a prayer will last.
I will be honest these days, not like Judas.
I will not slander vainly and pray. "

How many thoughts people have when fasting is necessary.
How much virtue comes to mind.
As if a barrier had suddenly been shattered before them,
For light acts and light doom.

But why only in the days of Fast do we suddenly remember,
That people should live by conscience and honor?
Why live two lives in one body:
Then sinners, then God's children in one place?

We were born to atone for our sins.
The answer for us to all questions is not so simple ...
But for him who seeks, he will receive his answer ...
Who will continue to live the way he wanted to live in the Post.


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