Today: August 21 2018
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And life with a scythe-sister of my fate

I'm a passer-by, walking barefoot in life,
The soles of the blood in the whirl of the Earth.
Above my tower I swung the scythe,
This girl with a smile of death.

She swung and froze, like a hammer,
What's charged, waiting for a click ...
The sound of the last seconds measuring the time
Of my life. And in eternity embrace.

Well, I do not care, I'm going light,
Only a bag of sins I collected.
The world is huge in my small world,
By pieces and thoughts matched.

And walking along the road slowly barefoot,
With dust, the blood of his life, stirring.
And it does not matter at all,
The scent of my eternal sins, weighing.

Without bowing my head, I continue to walk,
The burden of searching for time is burned out.
What I tried to find in my life for a long time,
What in life is not yet humiliated.

Behind everything remains and the truth is,
Not giving hope for a mistake ...
She waved a scythe, catching my horror,
But I see only a smile.


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