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Incognito (Latin in-cogito - inventing, deceiving, Latin in-cognitus - unrecognized, unknown, Italian incognito) - secretly, secretly, without revealing his name, under an assumed name (for example, to arrive incognito).
A person, usually official, hiding (not for criminal purposes) his real name, living, acting under an assumed name.

In history, cases are known where royal blood was used incognito in order to solve their private affairs without publicizing them, for example, the Queen of the Netherlands, Wilhelmina, used the name Countess Buren in the case of incognito.

Particular cases of use are aliases and nicknames.

Not at all, not at all,
How we wanted life to live.
All in secret,
Life is different and not this one,
Which not to hate, but to love.

To look openly.
And do not be completely forgotten.
No one invented, deceived tenderly.
Say hello
And do not hear the anger after.
From own sins and lies hiding.

Having a pseudonym,
Only because the name is wounded,
And remaining fictional in this life.
Who are you?
Parents of care?
Or the invented mirage of another's light?

Your destiny
Not life and not struggle.
And the path, invisible to others, is bodily.
Who did not recognize his house,
Who became unrecognized and unknown!

And emptiness ...
All the secret is such simplicity,
Having a name in life, you will be proud and bold.
I wanted not at all ...
And he received from life what he did not want.


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