Today: March 25 2019
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Sometimes I think,
But I speak intelligently ...

There are days when, after talking in sweetness,

And thoughts, scattered so famously, with a breeze.
You from conversation and will not receive pleasure.
And suddenly you want to end up with the mother.

There are people, only a conversation,

They call you a friend or a brother.
But they say not sincerely and they lie like they breathe ...
And so they want to answer with a Russian mat.

There are days when all the silence is covered,

Around all ears pricked up, but are silent.
They want to hear what has long been forgotten
And do not want to repeat, even mate.

And I thought for a moment intelligently,

Discarding the secret desires from myself.
Scrolling in the head of all life tape,
Suddenly he fell silent, sending all to ... loving!

Иногда интеллигентно думаю,
But without a mat it's hard to understand ...


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