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The Internet is full of rumors, conversations and thoughts ...

Recently, more often I come across different news resources about same-sex marriages and the adoption of children by them. And more and more often this topic is discussed in media-resources.

Humanity tries to accustom itself to the fact that same-sex marriages have the right to exist and adoption or adoption of such couples is considered the norm. Humanity tries to prove to itself that this is the norm.

Can we agree with this rule?

Suppose that we all go against the laws of nature, against the laws of God, people who do not believe in anything and people who believe.

Just imagine.

A number of years will pass and on the Earth, for the most part, there will be same-sex families. Normal, repeat-normal bisexual families will be less and less. They are the only ones that will be the continuation of the human race. And children left without parents are likely to be in same-sex families. Mankind will gradually begin to die out.

If you accept for the norm same-sex marriages and families, with the right to adopt children, then where will these same children be taken? Unisexual families do not give birth to children, they are not able to continue the human race on this Earth. There will be fewer normal families, and each family will cherish their child. And if you consider that children can be taken away from those who are critical of people of non-traditional orientation, it still does not solve the issue of procreation.

And I come only to one thought.

People decided not to wait for the end of the world, which does not mean the end of life. People decided to do away with life, to end the human race, arguing that the life of a man with a man, women with a woman, this is the norm. Not an exception to the rules of nature, not the denial of the divine principle and destiny of man, namely the norm ...

I, as a believer, do not doubt that the Lord sees all this. Depriving himself of the life that He bestowed upon us is a great sin. Suicide has always been a sin. The refusal to continue their kind, renunciation of motherhood, refusal to become a father is very similar to the fact that we ourselves are depriving ourselves of life. Is this not a sin?

Think people, even if my thoughts are fantastic!

"And the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul" (Gen.2)

And man became a living soul.


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