Today: January 21 2019
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The trial is a serious accident, connected with great difficulties and strong experiences.

Living a long life, we all face trials. Small and big, scary sometimes and insignificant sometimes, as it seems to us. But tests.

Why? What for? Can not our life go smoothly and serenely?

It's impossible to know that the fire burns and it hurts until it burns. It is impossible to rise until we fall. It is impossible to shed tears of compassion until we know grief.

The Lord has given us tests to overcome difficulties and cope with strong experiences. The Lord gave us the opportunity not to bring our life to serious incidents.

Experiencing some difficulties in their lives, we only understand how it can be difficult for another person who is close to us. He who does not know grief will not know of joy. He who does not know grief can not rejoice at others. He who does not know grief can not share his joy with others.

Every trial, no matter how heavy it may be, gives us the opportunity to strengthen the soul, gives us the opportunity not to stir up our soul with anger and malice. Experiencing a trial, finding a solution, experiencing, may be grief and sorrow, we must remain with a pure soul and thoughts. Do not give way to depression and indifference to life, to the people around us. Accepting with humility trials like the Grace of God, as caring for our soul, without falling into despair, not embittered at life itself, at people surrounding us, we thereby strengthen the soul. We ourselves become stronger in this life, able to help in difficult moments already to those who have come to the test.

Remember those who surround you, and then they will remember you. Pray for others, because someone is praying for you! And then no one will send you a test!

And yet: love yourself, people! The Lord loves you all, and you love yourself! And then in your life there will be less trials, but the soul will be lighter. And then you will love everyone, just like the Lord loves everyone!


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