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Stories about the trusting friend Richardard

The first story about a trusting friend of Richard.

Yes, there was in my life such a friend and his name was Richard. Simple, unsophisticated and very trusting person. He could hardly distinguish a lie from the truth, a joke from a serious conversation.

Once there was a talk about the movie "Bobby against Tretyak," namely, that Canadian hockey player Bobby Hull threw the puck with such force and speed that goalkeepers did not see her flight. As Tretyak said in the film, he began to determine the flight of the puck on the movement of the arms and body of the Hal. But before that I missed more than one goal in my own net.

We discussed the film and shared our impressions. And then I asked Richard:

- Remember that Tretyak missed somewhere eight goals from Bobby Hall, and on the ninth washer began to catch everything and beat?

Richard replied that he remembers.

Then I asked him:

"Do you know why this happened?" First skipped, and then began to catch?

Why? "Richard asked.

I began to tell him that Hull's throws were so powerful that when they got to Tretyak, they broke through the defense, and the goalkeeper was very hurt, the puck could break the chest. So much Bobby Hall's throw was powerful. Therefore, Tretyak, afraid of pain and injuries, dodged Hull's throw and missed eight goals.

Friend Richard listened attentively.

I continued the story. The trainers thought and found a way out. There were urgently made new goalkeeper armor, they were welded from a five-millimeter iron. And after that, Tretyak did not miss a single puck, thrown by Bobby Hall, boldly rushing to any of his throw!

In addition to Richard, a few more people listened to my story, and when I finished they were bursting with laughter, but they held back. Because our friend Richard was at first surprised:

- Wow!!!

And then suddenly thought. We kept our laugh and continued talking about the film. And Richard was silent and thinking about something.

It took about thirty minutes and suddenly he says to me:

- Grandpa, I think you deceived me about the goalkeeper's armor ...

I asked him:

- Why? Have you seen the movie? I saw how Tretyak could not catch the pucks, abandoned by Bobby?

Richard says to me:

- Yes, I saw the movie and I remember that it was so. But I figured in my mind, how much should the goalkeeper's armor made of five-millimeter iron weigh? It can not be, no goalkeeper can stand it. They just crush it ...

We laughed for a long time about how seriously this was told to me by my trusting friend Richard.

Of course he was slightly offended, but then he laughed with everyone.


The second story is about my trusting friend Richard.

I always wear a beard. As she began to grow on my face, since then I do not shave, only slightly cut. But once, just once in my life, I decided to shave. Shave your beard to the ground, look at your shaved face.

And it was necessary, on this day I was visited by Richard. He came to my house and first asked:

"Why do you shave off your beard?" I never did that on you!

I do not think for long, I answer him:

"Today I received a letter from Israel, from a lawyer."

"What letter?" Richard asked.

I continue to answer him:

- In Israel, my grandmother died. She had a small button factory. And my grandmother left me an inheritance after her death. Her lawyer sent me a letter asking me to come and register my inheritance, as it should be.

And I continue to shave. And Richard quietly went somewhere.

After a while I went outside and saw near my entrance, who on the bench, who was standing, all my friends.

I ask:

- Why are you all here gathered? Happened that?

And they tell me that Richard urgently gathered everyone that my grandmother in Israel had died, that I urgently need to go and get an inheritance. Here came to spend, sympathize and a little rejoice for the fact that the grandmother, dying, did not forget her grandson.

I joked, but how seriously Richard took all this and no less seriously convinced my friends, I did not expect.

I had to tell you that it was a joke. But since everyone gathered, then we all went to the same institution and sat well, had supper, talked, and laughed.

Richard was slightly offended at me, he was very worried! But then he cheered up. This is my trustful friend, Richard!


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