Today: January 21 2019
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From the hands of a scoundrel and honey will be bitter

Dear friends and acquaintances. I want to say again that what is written here is just my sincere thoughts, but not the truth.

As the hero of the film "Mimino" said - I think so ...


Among liars, friendship is a lie.


Sometimes there are such interlocutors - you say, but he does not hear, or he does not want to hear. As if you are talking with emptiness.

In an empty vessel and the grain does not germinate.


Sometimes in a conversation I hear - "you impose your opinion ...". Do not impose, but only say my opinion, but this is completely different. Can honestly say - "I do not agree with you"? The rejection of my conversation, my opinion causes the interlocutor to think that I impose something. Why? Or I say the truth, and she does not like or is uncomfortable with the interlocutor, or he is afraid or does not want to voice his disagreement.

Although everyone can argue. Most likely it is the truth, which has no clothes, its nakedness and revelation confuses the interlocutor. We are great sinners in our lives and when we see something pure and unblemished - the truth, it confuses us. Confused by how many black spots we suddenly begin to see in ourselves.

And I know this embarrassment. And I have to listen to the truth, send my soul to washing, to repent.


Is it possible to know whether it is sweet or bitter, when you are fed only bitter? Can you compare these two tastes, two sensations, if you treat only one?

So it is with truth, honesty, sincerity. Do not know the truth, living in a lie. Do not know the truth, listening only lies.

And sometimes cunning masters of psychology give you both the truth and the lie, and they say - "here's the comparison and understand." But that I could compare, why did not you give me the truth first? You, the "wise" master, do you want me to choose the truth from these two facts and go with her in life, and share it with other people? Than? What will I choose? From such masters, psychologists need to escape.

Give me the truth from birth, as God gave the truth, being the Truth itself, and do not tempt me with your psychological riddles. Do not be the devil of my life, the crafty master of psychology.


I walked a long road of life, which had no roadsides and cuvettes. I rushed in all directions, like a free wind, turning everything that exists on our sinful earth. Born once an angel child (before God all the children are angels), I grew up in a sinner and continued to rush on my way of life.

And one day, this road, which for some reason became all already and already, there were two fences. And I could no longer rush from side to side - these fences did not let me off the road, which narrowed to the path. I could not turn off this path either to the right or to the left, bumping into the fences, which somehow would say to me - "go straight, do not be shaky." Suddenly, I began to realize that the Lord had brought me to the path with which I began my journey, not yet knowing what could be turned off. To the path along which the child was walking is an angel. And these two fences were then, and they protected a small defenseless being from the vices and sins that awaited him ahead. A path with fences, which we destroy, growing up and deciding that we are smarter. Cleverer than the Creator. And He, as our Father, is the only one who mercifully accepts our rushing souls back into the house. And we return, leaving our dirty shoes and clothes at the doorstep ...

And the name of these two fences is repentance and humility.

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