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Every hour lived is a new thought

Winning and being a winner is not the same thing.

To take a step back does not mean to retreat, it can be just a good start for the start.

A good thought needs time and only truth does not need time.

The main victory is victory over oneself ...


The Lord is so merciful to us that he gave us a dream. Daily sleep. When we wake up, we can start living without making sins. Like newly born.

Having repented of prayer before going to sleep, we have the opportunity to see a bright morning and a bright day for the soul.


It's sad when they say, I had a friend ...

It's sad when they say, I had love ...

Sadly and cause regret words: was, was, was ...

The feeling that you are no longer there.


Do you remember Aunt Sonya from the Odessa "Privoz" that she sold fish and wisdom?

Do not you remember?

So you ate only fish ...


You woke up? And they said to the Lord - Good morning?


Then your soul is all alone.


Sometimes they say, "stubborn, like an ass" ...

And is it so?

When an ass is forced to do what it can not and it rests, is it so stubborn as a person?


On the way the traveler helps the traveler to avoid stumbling. Prayer is the staff for the soul, so that it does not stumble.


Do not be afraid of death, because it is not.

Everyone, sitting on the seashore, is trying to reach far beyond the horizon. And his thoughts are joyful. What is beyond the horizon to us is invisible, but pleasantly exciting!

This is what awaits us all ahead!


A source: CypLIVE