Today: March 23 2019
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When it's not mate - I'm glad

When it's not mate - I'm happy.
I'm not happy when my whole life is like a mate.
(About life)

As you want to live without a mat,
Than our life is always rich.
But only you will come into social network,
So leave these thoughts.

And after reading the news,
From unbridled passions,
So I want to get drunk soon ...
And swear!

And the news is written to us by people,
Presenting on a social dish.
As if a thousand guns,
They beat us in the chest!

From the world of vulgarity, it blows like a breeze,
About robberies and wars with the mother.
The fact that gays are also people, what to take from them.
And what changed you, not a whore.

Once again a child is raped,
And like a scoundrel was caught.
But someone starts to argue:
"We need to treat, but not shoot."

And now I forget the right speech,
I would like to put this in the oven.
But looking back at Europe,
I understand-a little! Kol would be in the ass!

And I think too much, otherwise I can not,
When I read the news "blizzard".
When I was sorry that I can read,
Then the "mother" comes!

And not the title defines the essence-
What kind of network, such a mess ...
Dirt, diluting with cute pictures,
And hide the lie behind their backs.

Here and "Facebook"
My faithful friend.
Between the "Feni" and the best mate,
About the news from the Moscow Art Theater.

"Facebook" began to swear a lot,
A drink will start? So can sleep!
And everything is in Russian.
Make a stitch on your hand!

And what if it draws to drugs?
What if it becomes a drug dealer?
Unpredictable "FaceBook"
Our social friend in the past.

The network of VKontakte does not lag behind,
Between concerts, during the intermission
By taping sex and lust,
Suddenly remarking, the world is bad ...

But maybe, no, it's okay ...
When they sent and went ...
When suddenly you are amused by the "fact"
It's not stupidity ... it's a marriage.

This is the reality of the Internet ...
There are many questions, no answers.
More and more often in disputes they talk about "mothers"
All are polite to each other in the camps ...

Deprived of freedom, the Internet,
Deprived of various social networks.
Probably do not think about it,
Do not say, but love mothers!

And now I'm back in social network ...
I will not swear ... sometimes,
After all, the pages can be children ...
I'll leave, oh, and then I'll tear myself away !!!


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