Today: January 21 2019
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When the evening comes glorious,
The day is passing smoothly.
Someone is closer to sleep, to whom is fun,
And tears, and success.
A little day passed, but the main one.

And it would not hurt to cheer up
To whom for thirty.
And those who are over sixty
They are fast asleep,
Il think in silence until he sleeps.

And in anticipation of the night courage,
With a premonition of trembling,
Who in the night will leave, but someone stays.
To whom does it,
Thought coming quietly watchman.

Walking loudly in the night,
But maturity does not scream.
And at every age there is the beauty of being,
And maybe he, or I
Singing with joy, or silently silent.

The day is beautiful when night comes.
When you can not,
Wait in the morning for the first rays of sun.
Водой с ладоней на лицо ручей.
Someone sleeps to go to bed, and someone to stand up to help.

When the morning comes with a new day,
When we live
And after a stormy night, and a night of reflection,
Tired thoughts of laziness,
Again, youth, and maturity we will find.


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