Today: March 23 2019
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(And we write the news ourselves,
Not noticing suddenly,
That we manage miracles!)


Seals, tits and seals,
And sometimes dogs.
Women in the diet are tummy,
Assholes again on the pumping.

Seals again, politics.
Wreaths are a word, dill.
The truth is tortured by criticism,
But touches only assholes.

In the tape events flash,
Burning with burning iron.
Again in women coition,
Someone else is not circumcised.

The little dog froze again,
In Turkey covered with a rug.
Somewhere in the parliament a fight,
Roger flicked in a blur.

Between recipes for food,
A lot of advice from psychologists.
In OSCE again,
Brad of world political scientists.

Something is there with the euro in Europe,
A little it or a lot ...
It's fun only about ass
And about a banana a little.

The ribbon is feysbudchnaya,
Us, a little crazy.
News, aunts fat
Passed all the legs.

Suddenly tired of Europe
Or all tests in the windows,
Just think about the ass ...
Or about boobs and tits.


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