Today: August 18 2018
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Stairway to the sky, leading down ...

How often do we, thinking about heaven,
And towering over the perishable earth,
Counting the run of the minute on his watch,
We live in the universe without thinking.

Road trample, picking up dust in the sky
And, thinking that this breathes the word.
All believe in a lie and deny it,
As the truth came to us again.

We lie deftly in the night with a dream,
Having fallen asleep in a lie and waking up with the truth,
We understand that the house is under your feet.
Where are we going quietly sinking ..

We go up the stairs, counting the steps as steps.
Deeper in thought into the ground plunging.
And we remember: in life there was a friend, and an enemy.
We forgive enemies, repenting before friends.

We wander about our land sins
And in the sky we try to look.
And none of us yet know,
Where his steps keep going ...


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