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Love and wedge ...

One day I heard advice from a loving person with whom a girl broke up, and he continues to love, experiences and suffers from this parting. The council is simple-wedged by a wedge. In other words, look for a woman.

Proverb is probably a good advice ... But what if the beloved girl was not a wedge, but was real love? Can there be real love with a wedge that can be knocked out by another wedge?
It's easy to advise. Such advice, perhaps you can give in the event that the meat in the teeth stuck, take a toothpick!
Love is not a wedge! It is impossible to knock out. Love and parting is a scar that remains for life, and it will be ill all your life! But not a wedge that can be knocked out by another wedge ...
And what does the other wedge mean? Is this another woman just used? Toothpick?
I would give another advice, more human. Keep on loving! Painfully? Keep on loving! Sadness and longing? Keep on loving! The parting left no hope? Keep on loving!
If you are a person, keep on loving and let your love come from the warmth of the soul and the purity of your heart to the person you love, a woman! Even after parting with you, let this woman know that she loves you!

And only the wedge knocked out a wedge ...
Love, if this love does not knock out of the heart! So let it live there, as it would be painful it was not!


A source: CypLIVE