Today: February 16 2019
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Mom, thank you for not killing me!

Again I have to return to the topic, which I once already devoted my thoughts, but here's a new round of conversations about the law on abortion in Cyprus.

Mom, thank you for not killing me!

On Monday 19 March, the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights completed the discussion of the provisions of the bill, which was conducted for three years. The future new law on decriminalization of abortion will be presented at the plenary session of Parliament for voting next week.
To date, "the law is

According to the law of the Republic of Cyprus on abortion, a woman can receive the right to abortion only in exceptional cases:

  • The pregnancy was the result of sexual violence or incest,
  • the probability of having a child with a serious physical or mental illness is high,
  • You can not give birth on medical grounds or a pregnancy threatens the life or health of the mother. "

And here on the Internet the discussion of this topic began. Mostly women. Maybe mothers or future mothers ...

Most of the comments even scary.

Strange and frightening to read how women discuss the killing of children who must be given birth ...
The comments are startling ...

Especially striking is the constant phrase that this is my body, and I have the right to dispose of parts of my body the way I want.

And imagine for a moment that you are the child of your parents, while still in the womb you suddenly hear how they, the parents decide to kill you or leave you alive ...
It's scary somehow ...
This is my dialogue with a woman.


"Until 22 weeks it is a fruit, not a child. And ethics apply to him the same as to sperm and ovum with which no one is ceremonious. This is part of the body of a woman and only she can decide what to do with this part. After 22 weeks - it's already premature birth, and abortion on such terms should not be done, as the child is able to survive outside the body. "

And my answer.

I am:
"A bit from your comment:" Until 22 weeks it's a fruit, not a child. "And the ethics to it apply the same as to sperm and eggs with which no one is ceremonious.This is part of the woman's body and only she can decide what to do with this part . "
About the word fetus:
The fetus (fetus) is a human organism developing in the womb from the 8 week of development to the moment of birth (Wikipedia)
Developing in the mother's womb HUMAN ORGANISM!

So, what I want to tell you and similar commentators:
Before deciding what to do with a part of the body of a woman (as you put it), do not climb for this under the peasants, run from them to an uninhabited island and do it with yourself whatever you want. Just do not kill a person inside yourself! "

Terrible are the words about a man born in the mother's womb from the very first minute, to a child about whom women are allowed to reason with, using words such as "ethics." Ethics allow me to doubt whether the word "mother" applies to such women.

Someone writes that both men and women should be responsible for the law before the law for a perfect abortion or abortion in another way, medication.

I want to bring excerpts from conversations with those women who zealously advocate abortion, and in my understanding, murder.

"... tell me, please, what kind of a man in your opinion is responsible who did not think about safe sex, or on the contrary insisted on it, putting pressure? So far, he's not even condemning society. A woman gets: once - when she slept with someone, two - the code slept without contraception (all women polls should drink pills, because all men are allergic to latex, yeah)), three - when she was pregnant, four - when she was pregnant decided to abort or when she decided to leave the child and raise it. Well and up to a heap - seven years of prison for abortion.
"With the trailer" is left - so men say, and not women. And men later relate to women and children for the most part. Of course, not all! I'm not going to demonize anyone. But such stories are a car and a small cart. "
I am:

"And what to tell if the current legislation of Cyprus foresees this issue: sex under pressure is called very simply rape. For which the article of the criminal code is provided. And the woman in this case can interrupt pregnancy. Read:
According to the law of the Republic of Cyprus on abortion, a woman can receive the right to abortion only in exceptional cases:
The pregnancy was the result of sexual violence or incest,
the probability of having a child with a serious physical or mental illness is high,
You can not give birth on medical grounds or a pregnancy threatens the life or health of the mother. "

All women should not take pills, as you write, because someone there is allergic to latex ... Maybe a woman just needs to think about whether she needs this sex? No one forces you, a woman can say the word NO and the question of murder then does not arise and she will not have to sit 7 years for an abortion.
And once again I want to say, if you were raped, against your will, the criminal code of any country provides for a serious prison term for the rapist. Do not you know about it when you agree on sex? "
"That's right, but I did not lead to rape, it's not always possible for a woman to prove that she was being pressured, but we will not discuss this. I'm talking about something else, sorry. If abortion is a crime, and a woman HOW THE CRIMINAL is punished by imprisonment for up to seven years, what punishment should the man bear AS A CONTRACTOR? Did the woman fly away from the holy spirit? No. And that, abortion - a crime committed by a group of persons on a preliminary conspiracy. But let's say a man did not agree with an abortion, but simply said "Do what you want still prove that from me" and disappeared, and a woman went to an abortion - this situation is more common. Then let's talk about other laws. Everywhere there is a law on bringing to suicide, it seems? Correct, if I'm wrong. Why there is no law on bringing to abortion? Criminal sexual promiscuity, then women should be seated, women should think about the consequences. Can men just blame? "
I am:
"A man should not be punished for the fact that a woman decided to go to kill a child in her womb. If I now tell you: go and kill someone on the street, you do not do it? When a man tells you, do what you want to say about your being pregnant and what to do, then do you have a question to kill or not?
In Orthodoxy, one of the commandments of God says:
"Do not kill."
Strictly? Yes? There are no options for thinking!
And you have the right to choose-to save the fruit and give birth to a new person, and live according to conscience and happily ... Or kill this person-your child and sit for it in prison, which is not so terrible ...

It's more terrible that your soul will turn black like soot.
And as the Athonite Ephraim says:
"God has for this bloodshed one name -" crime "! And what this blood can be washed? And what is the washing of dirt? Water, clean water. And so here it is necessary that the water flowed unceasingly from two inexhaustible sources, and two inexhaustible sources These are the eyes, inner repentance must be manifested outside as an inexhaustible source of tears, and so on until the end of life. "
"thanks for the answer! Your position is clear to me, although I do not agree with it at the root. If abortion is a crime, then three people should be brought to justice: mother, father, doctor. Maybe then men would have less desire to leave behind women the right to "do what you want," which is then conveniently condemned. "
I am:
"Under the law of Cyprus, a doctor will be held accountable for carrying out an abortion, which violated the current law on abortion. And the punishment is quite strict. As for my father ... I understand not my husband? In the family, however, these issues are resolved mutually and equitably. You come to me (not my husband) and say that you want to have an abortion, that you do not need a child. What am I supposed to do? Do you tie you to a chain and hold until you give birth? Or say to you:
"Well, dear, kill the child, and I'll go with you on the case of the murder in prison ..."
In another case: I tell you that I do not need a child, do what you want ... Is this what gave you the right to commit murder of a child who already lives in you?
Once again I will say that in a family where the husband and wife, where love and harmony, there are no such problems ... everything is decided by mutual consent and if a woman loses a child for some reason, it is a grief both.
You reason how accidentally flew (by stupidity, by drunkenness, by lasciviousness) a woman. Not a mother, not a wife and not even a mistress. Forgive me, it's not about you personally, but about examples and comments ... ... and I want to say that nobody condemns you, women ... we are talking about abortions, we are discussing the right to kill or not to kill, for which women are fighting , mind you ... not men ...
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner. "

"No, I'm talking about the situation that occurs most often. Abortions are most often not done in the family, and it's not a secret, sexual relations before marriage are not prohibited by law. And I tell you: well, let's say, abortion will be outlawed. You and could not explain to me why the man in this scheme of punishment does not participate in any way, leaving the woman, in fact, no choice: to raise a child alone or go to jail. And I repeat: this is a very convenient position, leaving the woman to solve this issue (which, it turns out, has only one decision - to raise a child) and to absolve himself completely of any responsibility for the "wrong" decision. Yes, if a man does not need a child (and "do what you want" is a statement of this fact, for a man who is burning with a desire to become a father will not say such a thing), he can just go away. A woman just leave the child - can not. She will either give birth to him and will bring up one (condemnation), or will have an abortion (conviction), or give it to the orphanage (conviction). Do you see what the problem is? The problem is that the woman remains at a loss ALWAYS. "
I am:
"You are not right! Perhaps there are idiots who condemn the single mother, but this is such a rarity ... we have become accustomed to the fact that more and more families are broken up and mothers raise children and not because they are walking up, but because they broke up ... there is no condemnation of a woman raising her child alone.
Nobody condemns women for abortions, unfortunately. Did you hear that on the street? No!!!
The issue is not the condemnation of the woman herself, but of abortion. As for me, it's a sin, it's a murder. For some, this is the norm ... For the rapist, the norm is violence, for the murderer the norm is murder. But there is a criminal code that regulates legal norms, state laws (not churches). Abortion is murder. It's a terrible sin. But the law can treat it as convenient and convenient for the society that asks for it.
And I agree with you: yes, a woman has only one decision-to raise a child, if she does not want to go to jail. And is it bad to raise your child? Even if a man does not need it ... Is it really bad to be a mother?
And hell (sorry) with him, with the biological father of an unexpected child! You will grow a handsome and happy person who will be very different ... not like his so-called dad ... and mom ... "

Here is a dialogue with a woman, maybe a mother or a future mother ...

Are you scared to read this? I'm scared…

Both a man and a woman should think about safe sex, if it's just sex.

Despised in society prostitutes about safe sex think, and women "decent" talk about the right to kill their children in the womb. It's scary to even think about it. The world turned upside down.

Reading all this, I would like to say:

"Mom, thank you for not killing me!"

Read the old man's words about everything that happens in this world.

The Athonite Ephraim

"Today, there is a lot of blood pouring on the earth and a lot of innocent blood, this blood is purer than the blood of Abel - it's the blood of the killed babies, it's the blood of innocent babies, defenseless beings that mothers themselves shed!

All the hospitals and all the hospitals became the slaughterhouse of Irodov. Millions and millions of babies all over the world are thrown into a garbage can or sewage system - even kittens are not thrown out so. In one film it is shown how the killer - obstetrician - kills a baby's scalpel in the uterus, and then with a special device crushes the baby's head and pulls it out of the womb. The mother at the same time does not see anything, rises from her chair and quietly leaves home ...

.... watch the movie called "Silent Scream". Here, using an ultrasound, one of the abortions is removed. The sight is terrible ... When the instruments of murder penetrate the uterus, the embryo senses the presence of an alien body and begins to resist, making sharp movements. The heart rate with normal 140 beats per minute increases to 200. At the same time, when the surgical weapon of murder touches the embryo, the unthinkably terrible happens! The embryo opens its mouth in silent cries and dies !!! The obstetrician-gynecologist who carried out the survey (his name is given), who made 1949 10 abortions from 000 to the present time, was beside himself when he saw this terrible sight-he could not imagine anything like this-and decided not only not to continue abortions, but also fight for their prohibition ...

... How terrible abortion, what a great crime! This should be done away with. Innocent beings should not die in such a terrible way just because someone thinks they can not afford to have another child. Do we decide for God? Determine - may or may not grow the children given to us by God? We decide for God, what should He do? ..

... Crime begins to take on the most menacing scales. Women, finally, must realize all of its horror, fight, stop those who, by diabolical action, are going to commit it, because usually they are inclined to him either by ignorance, or under pressure of external forces, or because of internal turmoil. The main accomplice here is the devil, he offers groundless excuses - visible weaknesses: lack of money, illness, husband's demand, and, on the other hand, as it were ignorance - it is the devil who uses all this and successfully persuades mothers for this tragic sin ...

... I do not know if you know that these children, the embryos, do not go into oblivion after the abortion. Every embryo is already a full-fledged person, with a soul. These children continue to live in the Otherworld, and of them a multimillion army already formed in Heaven. And they all cry out to God that they were innocently killed, that they did not receive Holy Baptism and did not become Orthodox Christians. On whom lies the fault for this? You can not say to whom - and so clearly. God has one name for this bloodshed - "crime"! And how can this blood be washed? And what laundered dirt? Water, pure water. So here it is also necessary that water flow continuously from two inexhaustible sources, and two inexhaustible sources are the eyes. Internal repentance should appear outside as an inexhaustible source of tears, and so on until the end of life. "

May the grace of the Holy Spirit overshadow all of us and keep us in Christ! Amen.


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