Today: January 21 2019
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To dream to live and live

A dream is a special kind of imagination, a cherished desire, the fulfillment of which often promises happiness. These can be simply desires, for some reason not fulfilled at the time of their occurrence, but the person still wants them to become a reality (for example, such a dream may be a desire to go to some place - this will not make a person happy his days, but he will remember and talk about this event long enough, as one of the most pleasant moments in any period of his life).

To dream to live and live. Imagination and reality.
I think it all begins in childhood, when they start asking us-and what do you want to become, what do you want to be? Having in mind of course education and profession. What would you like in the future? What are you dreaming about? Questions make you dream, include imagination.
For what?
Perhaps the dream stimulates to some kind of activity, so that the cherished desire will come true. Maybe.
But life itself makes corrections in its course, and dreams remain dreams. It's good, if they do not become a disappointment of unfulfilled hopes.
As a child, when asked who you want to be, the children answered with an astronaut, an engineer, a builder, an artist, etc., etc. The answer varied depending on the time in which he was asked, from fashion to this or that profession. Dream…
In my childhood the cosmonauts dreamed of becoming a good half of the boys. Well at least pilots. Or captains of deep voyage. A time of romance and cherished desires.
The dream for many remained only a pleasant memory of childhood.
In my childhood, there was no question of who I wanted to be. I had one big and real dream.
I wanted to live!
And this made me very happy and inspired me to do something, to act!
Standing before the choice-to dream to live or live, I chose- TO LIVE!


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