Today: March 22 2019
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Maybe this

Maybe it's a thought
Or not from the mind
Such a darkness?

Or this word
Knocks out the brain
A bundle of a rod?

Maybe this body
He wants too,
What is the bed?

Or is it a dream
The one that dreams
Wash your tears?

Can this sky
Or emptiness
With the doors of the gate?

Or is it the edge
Not a paradise,
The bottom is not hell,
How is the reward?

Maybe it's flour
From separation?
From the fate of sadness,
How in the beginning?

Or is it repentance
For despair?
Or meekness of spirit
And the souls of destruction?

Maybe it's God?
I am bad,
When both are deaf and blind,
As your own crypt?

Maybe this…
Many summer ...
And when the day comes,
A shadow covers the soul.

"REFLECTIONS" by Grandfather Guo

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