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We are naked in front of the Creator, and each other is blind

God does not see what kind of car we have, what kind of house or villa. He does not consider our money and does not see how rich or poor we are. He does not care what we are wearing, what brand our clothes are.

God sees our soul.

We see how we live. Someone's got a very expensive car, but I do not. Someone has a villa for millions, but I do not. Someone is dressed in something very cool, and I do not know what it is ...

I have everything and I am rich! Who are you, if you do not have anything ...

We think we see.

But we are blind. For all that is and what is not hidden the soul of a man, which for some reason we can not consider.

We are blind.

You can be rich or poor, but the soul must be pure. The soul should not become richer. And if there is no material wealth, the soul should not become envious.

The soul must be clean.

God sees our souls.

Everyone sees what he wants to see ... and is completely blind when you need to open your eyes!


A source: CypLIVE