Today: March 22 2019
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We are pulling our hands

We are drawing our hands to the sun
Through the windows,
In our consciousness, a slightly opened eye.
And fingers touching the rays,
On the revelation of thought every time.

We pull our hands to the stars,
So that it's not too late
Sadness of the day in the heart to cool.
And with my fingers feeling the coolness,
Not protecting
No one and not trying to judge anyone.

And to the sky we pull hands
Not out of boredom.
As if the world around us want to hug.
Cling to the heart of the universe
And without suffering,
You yourself, sometimes fools, but still understand.


And how, ladoshkami child
From the diapers
Stretching to my mother with a cry, seeing the chest.
So we stretch our hands
And through pain,
We pass our hard way in life.


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