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We are all children ...

Sometimes completely random conversations are pushed to reflect.

One day, walking along the road with an older man than I, I looked at this road and looked around me. And suddenly I realized that I, and he see the same thing: the same road, the same trees around, the same buildings, the same passers-by. The same colors and sounds. But my companion is much older than me. What am I talking about?

When we, still small children of our parents, grow and know the world, we often argue with our parents. Then we try to argue with older people, proving that we know something better than they do. We believe that we are different, that we are a new generation of the new time. That our elders are already past.

But today, walking along the same road with an older man than me, I suddenly thought, how can I argue with someone who sees the same thing as I do? What new can I tell him if I'm walking along the road along which this adult person is going? And he does not even walk by himself, but leads me along this road, a young man. And I suddenly realized that he was on this road for twenty years more than I remember every turn, gyrus, dead end. What I'm just starting to see is what I see for the first time. So what new can I tell him? Can I argue with someone who has already gone this route and now leads me, is walking beside me. And what is new for me, already passed for him.

I suddenly realized that next to me is my future, maybe I myself, but in twenty years. But not the past, as we think. And so distinctly felt it and looked under his feet.

And I realized that in twenty years I'll look under my feet and see the same road I went the first time, I'll see what it is now ... in twenty years. And the young man will have nothing to say about this road, already to himself, but to the old one for twenty years. All the same twists and turns, all the same around trees and buildings, all the same colors and sounds. And just as distinctly, I felt that being old, walking along this road, I would like to tell myself a young one, you will walk along it. And when we meet, we will not have anything to say, and there will not be anything to argue about, we went through it together! We know it!

We are all children. There is no point in arguing with the elders and believing that they do not know something, unlike us. This is not true. These older people, with whom we walk along the roads of life, ourselves ...


We just do not know yet.


A source: CypLIVE

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