Today: March 22 2019
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We are all children

Like a shot
The brain is broken into small parts of the questions.
The forehead strains and sweat drops like dew.
And curiosity
Its amazing, and wants to be opened by desire.
And I can not wait
With what is so hidden behind the secret knowledge.
If without meaning,
Not thoughts,
A word is empty, thoughtlessly wandering around.
If you do not hear,
But you're breathing,
But you can not see, wandering vacantly.
As moisture,
To the knowledge that you want to get drunk.
The truth of words,
As a cover,
Suddenly, with time, wisdom can merge.
Invisible to the eye.
Born of the heritage of past centuries,
All of a sudden,
Like a friend,
Opens his arms for the wisdom of words.
And not a question,
But he grew up
To know what is so worried about thoughts.
Adult already,
For centuries, the frontier
You become older in life, but the truth is younger.
Thoughts are expensive,
From God.
Suddenly you understand with the years, having lost diapers,
Eternity instant.
You are a student,
In the morning waking up, for the truth is still a child.


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