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I think that it is not worth studying on other people's mistakes ... not having accomplished your own, you do not know the truth, you will not feel sin, you will not want to repent ... I somehow think so. Simply relying on the experience of others, not on the mistakes, but on the experience, try to do without them ... well, if they were mistaken, take it as knowledge!


Looking at the skinny bunches of wisdom, you begin to understand how scarce A spiritual food was.


What can indicate the insignificance of existence in this world? Only talk with an idiot!


In life we ​​sometimes in our thoughts and words are like fishermen: was fishing, caught nothing, but it was necessary to drop a huge fish from the hook!


Even a lone tree has many branches and leaves ... and there are roots.


They say that the pessimist will say:

- My glass is half empty ...

And the optimist will say:

- My glass is half full ...

I will say this:

"This is my glass and I've already drunk from it!"


God does not care whether you are fat or thin (thick or thin)! He does not care who shed tears - poor or rich! It is important to him how filled your soul is or whether it is thin with wit ...


A source: CypLIVE