Today: January 21 2019
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Thoughts-crumbs from okroshki!

Do not look around, look under your feet. The world has become so terrible that we must try not to stumble!


Anger as one of the sins destroys the soul and makes us blind ...
But how blind are we, without anger, but remain indifferent? And this sin does not become the lesser of sins ...


It is difficult sometimes to struggle with anger, anger and irritability on any person. And then I begin to think that his - this man, once gave birth to my mother and the little one spoke a lot of gentle and affectionate words. And my soul calms down, and anger weakens and leaves. And there comes peace. We were all once young children and our parents loved us very much ...


Have you noticed how we are loved by dogs?
Did you notice how much we love dogs?
And do we love each other as much?
Does a man love a woman the way she loves him?
Does a woman love a man the way he loves her?
Maybe it's only because the dogs live on average 15-20-th years and do not have time to bother us, and we are?
And do we love?


At me every day at the same time, in the evening from the balcony a black big ant crawls. Every time I throw it out of the house. Everything repeats again-it comes. Strictly every day, strictly at the same time ...
Sometimes it seems to me that it is easier to ask him why he comes, than to throw it again ...


And today about okroshke (summer nevertheless):

I have a very lousy mood these last days. It happens. Mental discomfort, if so to speak. About women ...
And suddenly today a kind woman, through my friends, cooking okroshka, gave it to me. Suddenly and at such a time ...
Women, you are our dear! Moms and grandmothers, wives and daughters, sisters! You are beautiful. You sometimes feel something that we never know!
... Although maybe it's just a coincidence, but the soul has become brighter!


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