Today: March 21 2019
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Thoughts ... just thoughts

Children are the kindest and most trusting people! And they trust adults, they believe in adults!

Adults, having matured, have learned to use someone's kindness and faith in their own selfish ends.
It would be better if the world remained a child.


My mother died twenty-odd years ago.
I left home very early and did not return to it again. I have little and rarely talked with my mother.
And wherever I now do not live, she is always next to me. I always feel how she sits quietly in the next room and knits something. It seems, call:
- Mama!
And she will ask:
"What do you want, son?"
And I'm sure that my mother tries to fill her time with a presence that I did not find for more frequent communication with her.
Therefore, she is now always quietly and warmly sitting in the next room, she knits something and loves me ...


Day by day
The night before thawed.
In a dream tired.

This night
Very very
You'll want to sleep.

At night stellar,
Too late,
With a snoring formidable.

In a sleepy whirlwind
Everything was quiet,
With snoring hoarse.

Night has covered,
Like wings.
And I forgot.

Dreamy tired,
The sky has become.

So I would
This is the sky,
I would not be anywhere.

To cover
Also has forgotten.
All that has gone before...


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