Today: November 19 2018
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It is very difficult to live a long life and retain the soul of a child.


The last word, like the last wish, is one of the most important humanitarian acts of executioners.


Leaving the house of your enemy, do not try to grab a souvenir to remember. By doing this, you will be defeated.


It's clear without unnecessary words ...
Shakalov be afraid!
Not wolves!


The Parable of Grandpa Go.

Once, Grandfather Guo asked a young man:

- Why do you still go without a fiancee, why not marry?

The young man replied:

- How can I get married if there are so many beautiful girls around?

Grandfather Guo looked sadly at the young man and said:

"With such thoughts you will get the most terrible girl, and her death's name."

Time passed.

And the young man once asked Grandpa Go how:

- You have lived so many years and are still not married! Why?

Grandpa Guo replied:

"How could I marry if there are so many beautiful women around!"

Then he looked at the young man and added:

"Only a sage is able to live alone in this paradise garden!"


The hearth in the house burns, while in it there is a woman. But it will go out if there are only women in the house.


Parable of Grandpa Go about a man, a monkey and God.

The monkey was sitting and, looking at old Darwin, thought:

"But this could be my future, if people did not believe in God!"

Sitting old man Darwin and looking at the monkey, thought:

"But this could be my past, if people did not believe in God!"

God looked at the monkey and Darwin from above and thought:

- What are they different!

Never doubt your Creator, but always think about what you are doing.


What is love?

Love is the kiss of a mother in childhood, which you still rub your palm on your cheek.


Once I was asked:

"Why do you spend so little time on sleep?"

I answered:

"Sleep is an unacceptable luxury for me." Life is so short, and wisdom is so inaccessible.


Jokes from Grandpa Go. But it seems that this is life.

... Talking Pokemon in your smartphone:
"Strange beings are these people. What do they drink if they used to catch "squirrel" and now catch us? "


... Once in a world wide web called the Internet there was a strong failure ...
When the work of the Internet was restored, on the screens of computers, tablets and smartphones appeared only one inscription-
"Freedom for Pokemon !!!"

... 2026 year. Somewhere.
People hide in cemeteries, in the subway, in deserts, in the forests of the Amazon ...
Pokémon with smartphones and tablets in hand went on the hunt.

... 2036 year. Somewhere.
The operating system iOS 203.3 from Apple allowed me to see my parents today, who are in the Samsung 206 operating system.
The permit was approved by a group of Pokémon, members of the Human Rights Commission.


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