Today: January 16 2019
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Thoughts and not only

Any dispute is, first of all, the search for truth in yourself, and the opponent-opponent is more the catalyst of this search!


I love sincere people ... Kindness, love, understanding, joy are pleasant for the mood of feelings and emotions. And for the spirit, faith is more necessary, first of all in oneself, honor, conscience and dignity !!! If the spiritual stove is empty, then, that it is not thrown up like fuel, it will not burn and warm up!


Reflecting on friendship, I remembered one occasion.
Somehow I decided to call a friend who had not been seen or heard for a long time. He is always on business trips.
I rang the cell phone, I heard first the sounds of shooting, a flurry of fire, and then the voice of a friend:
- Grandfather, you're not on time, wait a little. We are fighting, I'll call you later ...
Amazing person, he answered my call ...


Wherever it was, whoever it was,
If only I was not ...
Let the sky ...
Let it be without bread, if only it was not ...


Sometimes I ask the Lord to give me patience and mercy when, in an argument trying to prove something, I turn to anger ... Then I understand that my convictions are weak and anger as one of their sins destroys them. And then my convictions are nothing more than crying-empty ...
It's like how slowly climbing a steep hill higher and higher, suddenly stumbled and very quickly rolled down. This is the result of anger that can destroy even the truth.


Somehow I remembered my childhood. Do you remember Mayakovsky's poem "A cloud in your pants"?
Then I tried to rewrite it in my own way, as per child. Here it is:

I would live life in the pants that I started,
I would later get a T-shirt.
And a cap to loom in it.
In an expensive car to sit down.

Dear to smoke cigarettes to me,
In expensive houses to live ...
But what kind of poet will be in demand?
And he will remain with some pants ...

Since that time, 50 years have passed ... a feeling that 10-year-old boy knew what he was writing about ...


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