Today: March 26 2019
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Thoughts-shorty ... without shortness of breath)

Strange people are these atheists. All their lives they try to prove that there is no God.
Believers still do not prove anything to anyone, they believe.
Then to whom do atheists prove? To yourself?
(about life on the Internet)


Sometimes there are people (?) With whom you will never want to see and talk again ...
This cow cake on the road, even dry stinks!
(about life on the Internet, and not only ...)


Did a good deed, helped someone with the generosity of his soul, do not sober about it for the whole white light, it's not a rattle ..
Sharing kindness of heart, good deeds with others, do not expect that someone will do the same. Everyone shares what he has.
When you gave the hungry bread, and he did not eat it and died, do not scold him-he made his choice, left bread to the living.
(from conversations with the Internet)


Digging in a pile of shit, you can not dig a diamond. But there are those for whom the shit diamond is.
And only the Scarab beetle does not know this ...
... but he does not dig in diamonds.
(about life on the Internet)


- Let's talk?
- Come on ...
And we kept silent for a few hours ...
It was the best conversation in my life.


God has given us the opportunity to think and speak.
God has given us the opportunity to hear and think.
A meaningless conversation is an empty chatter.
Empty chatter is just sound ...

Somewhere the wind blew gently,
This is my interlocutor about something said ...
It was better when he was silent and did not think.
It was better when he was silent ...


Oh, the Internet is a wonderful creature,
You like wine, you change the universe!

Today I'm talking a little,
In what came to the position of the robe.
With the words, my brain is already drunk,
And from verbiage hanging.

I read something, and what I heard,
Infinity is a mental stream.
In my head I'm breathing with a pulse,
What I saw between the lines.

Today I've read a lot,
Under question - to live or not to live?
Do not mind, but the phrases of the empty typed,
I'd rather not read, but started drinking.


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