Today: March 21 2019
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Our children are angels!

This is not a story, not a story, not a notion. This incident occurred in fact.

This is a story that happened to my friends.

The wife of my friend with the child flew to rest for a week in Dubai. To the child, the son was somewhere 2,5-3 year old. And when they flew back, the aircraft refused the engines. I can not know what exactly happened to these engines, but the plane began to fall. And everyone understood this. Adults, at least, understood exactly.

Probably, the pilots made all attempts to start the engines, but the plane fell. The stewardesses of the pale could hardly conceal the panic in which they were and did not know what to do, but kept themselves in hand and tried to smile at the passengers in order to reassure them.

The plane continued to fall.

One of the flight attendants, to somehow defuse tension or despair, almost whispered:

- Can any of the passengers want something?

And then the son of my friend, who was returning home with his mother, shouted at the salon so loudly and cheerfully:

- I want lemonade!

At that moment it was necessary to see the aircraft cabin. This sonorous baby's voice asking for a lemonade caused so many smiles on the faces of adults! He attracted the attention of all the passengers who turned to the children's request and smiled!

They say that the engines started at a height of two and a half thousand meters! When the child asked for lemonade.

Who else doubts that angels exist? Our children are angels!

So always remain children, adults!


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