Today: March 26 2019
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Do not let a grimy evil control your soul

Sometimes vain anger ravages the soul in parts,
When you feel it, it comes with a crunch on your bones.
And hearing the pain cry, tell him yourself - stop!
Do not let the curve of your hand take your life by the throat.

Do not let a grimy evil control your soul
And the clumsy fingers of anger destroy the peace of mind.
Do not let the words with poison penetrate the humble spirit,
Hold, clenching your teeth that you want to shout out loud.

Hold yourselves from anger, from an unrighteous word,
From sin, that trembles the soul, taking the heart strongly, again.
Keep from the temptation of angry words to blow up a tirade,
Only humility with penitence and grief is your reward.

If you hear someone's speech, disagreement in embarrassment,
Let your mind not be eclipsed by a black cloud of indignation.
You do not hear your own words, but someone else's speech, having comprehended -
These are only words of others and others' thoughts ...


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