Today: February 16 2019
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Does not kill time

And the heaviness of years, bending his back,
But still straightening his shoulders,
Do you think I will disappear somewhere?
Does not kill time, time heals.

Fate, hitting the back of the head,
Or a blow in the forehead,
I meet my smirk
From life this great gift!

And if the legs have buckled,
And you fall on your knees,
Crawl, for the present there are forces,
While free and not a prisoner.

And if you can not crawl,
Scream for joy in the mind.
While you scream, the whole world is disturbed,
And you shake the universe.

And then the voice will calm down in a syllable
You hear a heartbeat involuntarily.
The soul will appear before God.
All is well. It does not hurt anymore.

And breaking the body into pieces,
Not for nothing was anxious for this meeting.
What was black, suddenly became white,
Does not kill time. Time cures.


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