Today: March 26 2019
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And we love to look at the sky. Pure, cloudless or with clouds, seeming figures of our fantasies. At dawn, when the sky begins to show us all its colors and shades. At sunsets, which for some reason even brighter with their colors. Somehow ... Like a flash of dying light, screaming, look how beautiful I am! Look at the night sky, filled with small sparks of stars-the tall dome is far above your head. The night sky is so huge that it can not fit in our eyes. We love to look at the sky.

This is the only occupation, an action that does not cause sadness. Which does not cause anger and bad thoughts. The feeling of presence next to something huge and immense gaze, thoughts and reason. And the longer you look at the sky, the more you dissolve in it, you become a part of this endless miracle.

The sky does not grieve, but does not please. This is something completely different. Something unspoken appears in thoughts, something unfinished in deeds and deeds. The state between dream and reality, between lived and unknown. Before your eyes is something that you never knew and only fantasies stir your mind and thoughts somewhere there, high and far away from you. Which then come back, bringing a secret, and the unknown.

And there will come an easy sadness. Such an easy, that quite unnoticeably, a fleeting touch of heavenly tears will touch your soul. Letting you into the real world from dreams and fantasies, from thoughts that have flown to the skies and rejoiced there something. The thoughts that lived there for a while, while you looked at the sky. While you lived there ...

We love to look at the sky.

Because there live our fantasies, our unfulfilled thoughts and dreams. There lives all the purest that we could not afford on earth ...



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