Today: February 20 2019
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A little bit about Cyprus 2

School task.

Ivanov and Petrov live in Moscow.

Ivanov has a dacha in the suburbs.

Petrov has a dacha in Cyprus.

Both the one and the other go to the country on weekends.


Which of them spends more time on the road, and who is at the dacha?


The Irony of Fate.

And the sage said: when you learn to work, you will have a factory. When there is a factory, workers will work there. When the workers will work, you will pay them a salary. And the name will be the oligarch.

And then the devil intervened and said: when you do not pay the first time, you will live on the mountain in your villa and watch the whole day at sea. And the name of everything will be Cyprus.


Not N.V. Gogol.

Wonderful Cyprus in calm weather ...

Rare "Boeing" will not reach the middle of Cyprus! Lush! He has no equal in the world!


The Cyprus fairy tale.

Somehow the pigs got together in a tavern. They came, and they say:

- Come, guests are dear! Yesterday came the seven kids! Today we have in our menu the most delicate kleftiko!

And tomorrow there will be unmatched cheftalya!


Two friends are talking:

- Where did you rest this year?

In Cyprus!

- And how is it?

Whisker excellent, zivaniya strongest, morning wine is divine!

"And the sea?"

I did not try the sea, I did not get to it.


Ad at the airport in Cyprus:

Citizens flying to Moscow, from Domodedovo airport to Moscow traffic jams, from Sheremetyevo airport to Moscow traffic jams ...
Maybe you will stay and continue your vacation?


They talk Russian and Cypriot. Cypriot:

- And how is it in Moscow?


- Yes, as expensive as in Cyprus, only the sea far, three and a half hours to fly!


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