Today: January 21 2019
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A little bit about anger (thanks to interlocutors)

The quote I read:

"Anger is the best that our psyche came up with for preserving our self."

And there is nothing better than anger to get out of a co-dependent relationship, and there is nothing better that will deter them, unless you forbid yourself to manifest it. "

A little explain the quote, because it is designed for a person who is weak spiritually. Read:

1. A proud person, as it were, repeats the sin of Dennitza, the angel who became Satan. He did not want to be near God, he wanted to be in God's place. So a proud man casts out God from a central place in his life, and this place takes his own "I", which he worships, which he extols and simultaneously exposes to great trials. After all, if a person is selfish, selfish, then any attempt by other people to say something that does not correspond to his thoughts, or take actions that somehow infringes his "I", leads to grave consequences, and often such people as if offended by others , show anger.
2. Anger (by definition of psychologists and psychiatrists) refers to a strong destructive emotion. This emotion destroys a person from within.

You can talk about anger, but not anger, the best ... alas.

Reasonable anger is given to man by God as a weapon, as the power of the soul to resist evil.

It is very important. If not, the feeling of anger can not lie down.

Anger can not be an expression of personality, nor can it be a solution to an exit from a co-dependent relationship. Coming out of such relationships, using anger, keeping your own self, using anger, you will never be in a normal relationship even with your self. Anger, anger breeds anger. Only this will remain in your life.

Wisdom in conversation, in interpersonal relationships, can extinguish anger and find the right decision.

But the wisdom is not to be angry and angry, not to remain silent. Wisdom is to preserve one's identity without becoming evil and angry. And if he shouted in anger, it does not mean that you must spitefully yell all your life, claiming that this is the best thing that makes you a person.

Never anger, anger and anger were not a solution to life situations, and even more so of any relationship.

Anger, like anger, is destructive. It will not only not save, it will destroy your self, your personality and will destroy all life. You will remain alone among people who are also turned away by their anger, asserting themselves in their ego.

Priest Alexander Elchaninov:

"When you feel a sense of anger toward someone, then imagine that both you and he must die - and how this will be worthless before him and how wrong your malice is, no matter how formal it may be."
(Anger is an evil, irritated, hostile mood.)

The exact words for those who decide that anger will help them solve all their personal and interpersonal relationships, establish themselves in their ego.

And if someone decided that "anger is the best that our psyche came up with for the preservation of its self," he is deeply mistaken. There will be no I, there will be only anger, loneliness and death. Death and body and soul.

Remember this!

The Monk John of Damascus:

"... evil is not anything other than the deprivation of good, just as darkness is the deprivation of light, for good is spiritual light; Similarly, evil is spiritual darkness. "

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