Today: August 21 2018
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About pancakes ...

We lived six families in one barrack.
And necessarily once a month in the whole barracks smelled of pancakes and pies.
No, pies and pancakes baked more often, but once a month they smelled from morning till late evening. And we, the kids just overeat them !!!
And now I will tell you why.
In one of the apartments of this barrack lived a family-husband, Uncle Vanya and his wife, Aunt Praskovya. Aunt with such a rare name. And this aunt was huge in size and bad in character. Uncle Vanya was the opposite of her-small height, smaller than her, fragile physique, but such a wiry man. Very calm, laconic and hard-working.
Aunt Praskovya had a habit for a whole month from day to day "sawing" her husband without any reason at all. Within a month, her screaming for him and insults increased in direct proportion to the number of days. Toward the end of the month, she was already so emboldened in her screaming that she threatened to hump her husband's sides ...
He still continued to live in silence, to work and everything that a man needs to do in the house, he did. And his wife probably did not like this calm!
And one fine morning it started to smell like pancakes and a little later with pies !!
And this meant only one thing: Uncle Vanya could not stand it and beat his wife.
Early in the morning, baking pancakes, Aunt Praskovya in every way tried to show herself to all neighbors with a shining finger under her eye! With a shining finalom and with no less radiant smile in the full width of his big face! She carried it on her face to her companion, like some gift, like a reward !!! And all without waiting for the question reported:
-My Vanya put it!
Her face shone with happiness, and in the eyes of love shone! There was a feeling that she was boasting about the huge bouquet of roses that Vanya's husband had given her! In this "Vanechka" was so much warmth and tenderness!
And all of us, even the children, already understood-Aunt Praskovia asked what she wanted and was very proud of it ...
We all day were in pancakes and pies and all the time the voice of Aunt Praskovia was heard:
-Vanechka, my Vanya ... !!!

How amazing sometimes our women are! And we love them!


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