Today: August 18 2018
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On false virtue ... or hypocrisy

Hypocrisy - Behavior, covering the insincerity, malicious intent with feigned frankness, virtue.

From a conversation with a friend about virtue and people from the side ...

Virtue in the hands and thoughts of a person, the quality is very controversial. Sometimes a person feels that he is virtuous, but in reality he is hypocritical. Endowed with sins accumulated for life and unconscious, a person thinks he is doing good ... In fact, he bears a false virtue to those who do not expect it ... Man from the side.

«The Virtue - a philosophical and religious term a term meaning a positive moral property of the character of a certain person, determined by his will and actions; Constant active direction of the will to fulfill the moral law (commandments). It is the antonym of the word "sin".

Imagine the situation:

You have learned that a married woman has betrayed her husband. Guided by "virtue" you tell your husband about it. Scandal, quarrel ... the family broke up. Were you at that moment virtuous? Did you bring good to the family that broke up?

Why did you decide to tell this to your husband, but did not give an opportunity to find out to your husband's ever this? Why was it not possible to solve the fate of his family to these two people? And perhaps, having learned the truth themselves, quarreling, these people would still save the family, having forgiven each other ...
Having interfered with your false virtue, you did not give them another option, how to quarrel and part because the personal went beyond their family, thanks to your "virtue."

Another situation:

Two people are friends, and you suddenly decided that the friendship of one of them is not fair enough and you tell this to another friend ... You, manifesting a false virtue, sowed doubt in the hearts of these friends, sowed a grain of discord ... Are you virtuous in this case? You have deprived the right to decide your friends yourself, you have made them a property of a stranger-a man from the side, supposedly virtuous, that is you.

Invasion of other people's relationships, into the lives of a few people, can it be called virtue? What destroys the relationship, leads to scandals and partings, to pain and hatred can it be a virtue?

How virtuous are you? You know that?

Can it be worth thinking about how sinful you are to be virtuous, and not hypocritical in relation to yourself and to the surrounding people?

Proceeding from the terminology of virtue, "the constant active direction of the will to fulfill the moral law," to fulfill this moral law in relation to oneself first and foremost, get rid of your sins in order to see others ... And when you see, understand that when manifesting virtue one should think about what is Its result. Is not this false virtue, is it not hypocrisy towards others?

Avoid false pretentiousness and false virtue, this is precisely the sin that pushes you to rash steps.

During our life we ​​acquire and experience many sins, which affects our minds and our souls.

And before you open your eyes to the truth, you should think, but we ourselves are sighted? Do we see exactly what we want to communicate to another person, or is it our own sin that will lead to the pain and suffering of other people !?

One must be virtuous, one must bring good to people!

But showing virtue always remember that the meaning of this word, this quality of your heart, is exactly the opposite of the word-sin !!! An antonym of sin! To be virtuous is not to sin! So show your heart and soul to other people in their situations of life so that they do not have heart and soul afterwards!

These are the thoughts I wanted to share with you after a long conversation with my friend ...


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