Today: August 21 2018
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About flies and bees ... About lies and truth ...

The history of this reflection was born from a dialogue with the interlocutor about one event, which - in my understanding is a "scam" - a deception, but according to my interlocutor, too, too, but however why not participate, the interlocutor decided ...
Having said the truth about this event, I somehow faced the rejection of the truth from the side of the interlocutor. The truth was perceived as an insult, as an insult to something ...

There are flies in nature that fly and sit on anything, anything. And it does not matter shit or something good. And there are bees who choose a beautiful flower and collect honey from it. But the bees do not sit on the shit.
Maybe they do not know what it is? .. Bees.

And here is the dialogue itself, which began with the fact that
Grandpa Guo said:
- This scam (deception), not an event ...
And documented his words. The interlocutor was upset, if not more ...

- You wanted to spoil my mood, you spoiled it. Congratulations. Thank you!
It's like a man, enthusiastically chewing pizza come up and say "how do you eat this muck ?!" And list the mucks. Appetite spoil accurately, if this is your goal! Although in fact you will be right!

Grandpa Go:
- It seems that this is not the case with pizza. It looks like the blind asked to drink from you, and you took it from a puddle, knowing it!
So it's not me, it's you! Someone sees the sun and believes that it's the sun! And show someone a bulb and enough !!

- Ie. An example with a pizza you did not convince? Well, okay! Fuck it with him! Everyone knows your truth. I also discovered America.

Grandpa Go:
- It does not matter to me that someone is aware of my truth, it is important that everyone is aware of your supported "scam" ...

- Expert you are ours! For all questions. The burden does not pull?

(The interlocutor wrote that EVERYTHING is aware of the truth, but however they paid for a very dubious event, giving the scammers cash in)

- The question of the light bulb and the sun is very profoundly philosophical! YES! The happier are those to whom the lamp is the sun and who does not look for spots on it.

Grandpa Go:
- Based on your philosophy, the happiest is a dung beetle!

- The happiest person to whom it is everywhere good! And whose happiness does not depend on external circumstances.

Grandpa Go:
- And then I agree! Homeless in a pool of warmth, and in a garbage box satiety!
I'm not against the fact that someone and the light bulb is the sun. The sun itself pleases me!

- I doubt that you prefer the original, and not a surrogate. However, like all normal people.

Here such dialogue has grown from a theme of action which I not without groundlessly named "lohotronom" - a deceit!

Having finished this dialogue, the interlocutor however visited a dubious event, paying money and said that 50-60 euros are small money, even if they are scammers ...
Why did the truth so outrage? And why are people happy (in this case) paid for a lie?

The theme of truth and lies, the theme of flies and bees.
They say, "the bitter truth is better than the sweet lie" ... But is it really so? Do you really need the truth? Or, knowing the truth, know her alone? And what about friends and relatives? Without telling them the truth, will you remain a friend or family? Why do not we think about it, why does someone believe that you know and keep quiet, who needs it? Then are we friends and relatives really?
Why, knowing the truth, someone continues to participate in deception (scam)? By this example, involving a lot of people who start to think: since there are so many participants, it means everything is good, everything is true.
Why lies must generate lies?
And why did the truth become so negative?

There is such an expression, "to separate the grain from the chaff."
The expression originated from the parable in the New Testament (Matthew 13, 24-30), which tells how a man sowed good seeds of wheat in his field, and his enemy scattered seeds of weeds in the same field at night. When the field turned green, the slaves said that the weeds, weeds, also came up with the wheat, and offered to pull them out. The master decided otherwise: "he said: no, that, when choosing tares, you did not pull out with them the wheat, leave both grow together until the harvest; and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers: gather the tares before them, and bind them in bundles to burn them, and take the wheat into my barn. "

The ability to separate the truth from lies, light from dark, clean from debris is not a burden, it's just a person's soul. A man, not a fly, not a bee!
I'm not talking about truthfulness, as in the satirical scene of Khazanov about a parrot in the zoo, where the parrot says:
- I will not be silent, I do not give a lion meat ...
I'm not talking about this, I'm talking about people with whom I communicate and I think that they are friends, good friends and relatives. About the truth I tell them, sharing my opinion, but I come across sarcasm and criticism ... It seems that they are afraid of this truth, they are afraid of the liars' attacks on the truth. Living in my little world and, as they seem peaceful and calm, they are afraid to destroy this appearance with excitement from the truth. Agreeing with lies somewhere out there, away from their home, they think of their close peaceful world in their home. Knowing the truth, as in this case with the Interlocutor, they agree with the lie and do not understand that now this lie somewhere out there, aside, but soon it will come to their house. Will go without knocking-in this house they know the truth, but they are silent and believe in lies!
In reflection, I came to the idea that the heavier the lie, the easier the truth! And only because the burden on the shoulders of a sincere person can not be heavy. This burden is true!
When asked if the burden is not heavy, I begin to understand that people who are tired of the weight of lies ask about it. She crushed them so hard that they think, but it's probably just as hard! Throw off the load of lies from your shoulders and take the burden of truth on yourself, and you will feel how easy it will be for you. It's like wings that carry you away from shit to beautiful flowers to rejoice and smell the fragrance clean and sweet!
I mean the truth, at least in relation to my friends, relatives, comrades and those with whom you communicate. If you communicate with an interlocutor, be honest with him, but be silent, if you have to lie, say lies ... Do not disappoint the interlocutor, because he probably thinks that from the conversation he will find some advice or wisdom for himself!
Eat honey collected by bees! But do not forget that the flowers from which this honey was harvested grew on the ground, fertilized with shit. The flowers grew, went up to give you their scent, your sweet honey ...
And so that you do not lean towards the crap through which they made their way to you!


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