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On the equality and inequality of men and women

The eternal and centuries-old dispute between women and men about who and how should perceive each other in everyday life, in the family, in sex, in work and many more things ...

Written entire philosophical treatises, but as they say, "the thing is still there" - people still argue and discuss. What for? I do not know ... but sometimes I myself fall into such dialogues and conversations ... And I consider them cognitive, but useless. Each writer is based on his own personal experience and is only right about himself.

I want to share some of my answers ...

On the equality and inequality of men and women.

Perhaps, these arguments also have a place to be, but have a secular explanation. If we accept the fact that God created man, then another picture is formed. Before God, a man and a woman are two halves of one whole-man! And only when they become a family, when they are married, they become one whole. And it does not matter to God who of the two halves is superior or steep, they are just halves of a single whole. Realizing this, perhaps we will become more lenient towards the rebellion of one of the halves of the whole? Realizing this, we know that our half of the whole is just the one that is in harmony with us ... We argue and prove the essence of a man or woman to each other in vain! We argue and prove something not to our halves ... They will be one with us without any controversy and a struggle of ambition. All these disputes are like a dispute that the primary is a chicken or an egg ... And this is not important! Without a chicken and an egg, there would be neither one nor the other, and it does not matter at all what is primary - it can be whole and united only together ...

On the contradiction and misunderstanding.

You write about the fact that there was never any equality in the relationship between a man and a woman, no, and in principle, it can not be ...

This is your contradiction and misunderstanding. Once again I will say that before God we are equivalent halves and only halves that may become a single whole .... The contradiction is not only yours, misunderstanding is not only yours .... but all the interlocutors who are trying to prove which of the halves is most important life, which of them is a dominant ... And they are only half and without becoming a single whole are completely useless in the creation of God! In the continuation of the human race, in relationships. Hence conflicts and disputes. As halves, we are equivalent !!! We will become significant when we become one. The struggle of the sexes does not bring results, but breeds destruction.

The statement that every half of an unequal quality has a place to be ... but once again I'll write that it's only half the future of one whole, nothing more. It's silly to praise an orange slice, which one is sweeter, if it's the same orange.

To prove to a hen that she is a chicken and must carry eggs is useless, because she already does so. But cackling for some reason at the same time ... To explain to a woman that she is a woman and what she is equal to or equal to a man is just as useless, because her destiny will not change. From the fact that the woman began to wear trousers and smoke cigarettes, and drink whiskey, her destiny - to give birth and left! Then is it worth it to explain what it is and what are our differences?

When a woman again begins to understand that a man is a part of her whole, and a man will begin to understand that a woman is also a part of his whole, then quarrels and clarification of relationships will stop !!!

When a person is cut off at least one hand, he becomes more helpless, but continues to live. So when we understand that our interlocutor is also a part of our whole, then the arguments will end!

I think so!


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