Today: March 22 2019
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About Russia

(Having read comments in social networks and news tapes of the Internet).

And we like to remember history.

In social networks and on the Internet, a lot of "historians" and "political scientists" at home are discussing everything and everything.

The king was bad. Lenin was bad. Stalin was also bad. Brezhnev also did not please his people. Next, a few more rulers, resting in the course of a year, are bad. Gorbachev is bad. Yeltsin is even worse, and even he has been screwing up.

Putin. The president was slightly diluted by Medvedev. And also bad.

And who is good? Was he in the history of Russia, who is remembered with gratitude?

There is such a joke: "It's good where we do not exist." THERE, where there is no US. It turns out that where we are all bad.

Then did the rulers of Russia, who governed the state for centuries, care? Or is it a problem in ourselves, who lives in Russia?

Bad there, where we live and well THERE, where we are not.

And who are we? Russians choosing their next ruler and then throwing stones at him? Stoning your story for fun to the whole world, where there is NO us?

There is one more joke: "There's nothing to blame for the mirror, if the face has a curve." Maybe you should look in the mirror before you condemn those who were and are? Or when looking in the mirror, exclaim: "What a hideous face !?"

One of the philosophers said: "Every nation deserves its ruler." So maybe it's not so bad, if we are worthy of those that are and those who were?

Dignity is a set of properties that characterize high moral qualities, as well as a consciousness of the value of these properties and respect for oneself. Respect for yourself!

Do not talk bad about the place where you live. You say badly first of all about yourself. Do not spit in the well, water from this will not increase and nobody will thirst any more.

These are just my reflections.

There was a time, I heard and read something good. There came a time when for some reason everything that was in the past is bad, in the present, it's bad. Proceeding from the words of home-grown historians and political scientists on the Internet. And the future is only a dream and a fantasy.

Every man, born and lived a lifetime, leaves his mark on the earth. We, who live afterwards, choose - to follow these tracks or to pave our way.

There can not be a bad road that you do not go by. And maybe there is not a good road that you built. But it's expensive. This is your story.

It's Russia. Right were the classics of ancient times: "Russia has two ills-fools and roads." You can correct roads, improve, build new ones. But only roads.


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