Today: February 16 2019
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About me and not only

I, like a Chukchi dog, if I tremble, I have not frozen!


Thoughts flashed in my head so brightly that it looked like a light bulb. But she did not shine. Stupidity is akin to darkness.


They say: in one ear flew in, in another flew. And if it did not fly out? Sometimes that which has flown, I want to knock out of my head.


The word is not a sparrow ... But not always an eagle, so proudly soar in the sky.


After taking a sip of water, you can quench your thirst for a while. Desiring to know the wisdom of time, the wisdom of the Elders can not be quenched in one gulp. It is impossible to drink all the water from a deep river.


Once, in confession, my father, after listening to my sins, said:

"Pray that you are thirsty, and you want to drink." Pray as if you are hungry and you want to eat.

I prayed and something happened that I can not explain: there was a feeling that prayer was picking me up with my own words and carrying me somewhere far and high. To the light.
There was a feeling that I was riding in the sea on a wave, and she carried me away. Feeling of lightness and also a time of delight before the unknown.
I prayed and felt like I was thirsty, hungry, and I still could not get enough. And there was joy. And ahead was Easter ...


I often hear these words:

- I have not been in communion for a long time, I did not receive Communion ...

How often am I in confession? How often do I remember that I must confess my sins?

So he dressed in clean clothes and went to the sacrament. What about the soul? Have you cleansed your soul from the sins of daily life? Did they repent before God? Did you confess? Am I pure in body and soul for the sacrament?

Washing face and body in the morning, dressing clean clothes, we will take care of the purity of our soul. Clean shirts do not hide a dirty soul before the Lord.


Sometimes, proving the correctness of my thoughts, I think about whether I can say this in a year, ten years, a century? And if the worm of doubt gnaws at my soul, I become silent in a dispute and try to hear the interlocutor. Perhaps I will hear what he said many, many times.


The Great Lent is over. And if you could say thank you to this time, I will say thank you! I forgave a man I could not forgive for ten years. I did not forgive because I resigned myself to his actions, not because he asked for my forgiveness. But because I forgave him. And it became light and easy on the soul from the fact that repentance would come to him.

Save the Lord!


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