Today: August 19 2018
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On the dispute and truth

As muddleheads there is a dispute-
Looks like Op.
But we, however, continue to argue.

And the thought is out of place-
Becomes cramped.
We continue to interlocutor.

Words are hot-
As on the stove,
Watching his side and so hot.

Emotions, turning into sarcasm,
Do not cause that orgasm.
Only the mind destroys the inflamed.

And I hear a voice from a distance,
Stop for now.
Uymi emotion that the truth will not!

Stop your frenzy dispute-
He's not smart.
In the end, all that he said, you're fooled!

And suddenly I fell silent ...
How not shouted.
And silence pierced the soul with a revelation.

And in this truth, silence
Greatness of the soul.
And the wisdom of the life of the collected moments!

By giving birth to truth, passing to op,
Think, is this true or a dispute?


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