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10.07.2017 - 16: 05

About loneliness from conversations

Can a person experience loneliness with a huge number of close and familiar people and even with pets?

Loneliness is a soul without windows and doors ... We are loneliness, we ourselves are a tightly closed house ...

Have you tried once in a sunny day in your house to open all the windows open, all the doors, push the blinds apart? Remember, what is the feeling at this moment? As if the world moved apart, as if there was more air, as if the light had increased a hundredfold !!! So it is with loneliness! Open the windows and doors, and in the shower it will become lighter, warmer and more kind!


Loneliness comes when you stop thinking about someone, and not when you are forgotten.


Even the desert is filled with sand.


One quality,
Odie Nochestvo,
As a day prophecy for the night ...


A person who lives in harmony with his soul can not be alone.

Once, when I became ill with health, I suddenly thought that I had forgotten someone in my prayers ... And loneliness responded with pain. While in your heart, in your thoughts there is at least one person, you will not be alone.


Be more afraid not that someone will not remember you. Be afraid that you will not remember anyone. Own indifference /


And even on the Cross, pinned nails,
He was not one bit indifferent.
He was not alone in the pain preoccupied,
In Him the pain was for all sins and souls ...


Do not look for dirt. It can be found even where it is very clean, as we sometimes think ... in our souls.


A source: CypLIVE

Tags: Religion, Orthodoxy, Wisdom