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Something old and dug me out ...

As I was born alone,
Only the mother and the folder next.
And I did not live at all creatively,
Hooligan, playing with a look.

White light shone through the light.
Without family and children, and without a home.
Lonely to me very bold,
Kak-that was lived crookedly and a lump.

I wanted to live, but somehow I did not live.
Without war, but war at heart.
And the girls did not luxuriate with me,
They did not open the hearth doors.

Loneliness and sister, and brother,
And my family, the whole name.
I'm poor in my life, but I'm rich in trouble.
Light lived, without effort.

I'll look back, there are no traces behind me.
No one went. As a prophecy ...
As born as a wolf, so wolf howl,
To overcome the loneliness.

A source: CypLIVE