Today: March 26 2019
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Quite recently I realized that in my life somehow the state of the soul has been present for a long time, when you realize that everything has become unstuck.

From all earthly things. And you are more like everything that surrounds you.

For example: I watch an interesting film or read an interesting book. The familiar calls, we must see each other. Without regret, I turn off the TV, close the book in the most interesting place and go to meet. And so in everything. Nothing and no one worries about the fact that it is necessary to break away from something interesting for the sake of what is possible, not so important. Or:

there are no expensive items for you and you regretfully part with them, but you understand, they will be dear to someone else or useful. It's not what it hurts to part because it was and is. It's just that you've pulled yourself together.

There is a feeling that this is all there is in life, but you exist anyhow over all this, that you have and you do not regret that all this will not be once ... Everything that is physical in life, which was once a necessity , now does not hold near him. He pulled himself together.

Feeling of some kind of joy and confidence. As if you start to sink into the sea, you are thrown by a life-ring, and you do not cling to it. You understand that you will not drown.

This is not indifference to the subjects or people around you. This is something else, deeper. Understanding that all this is at the moment, and that this is not the next. And there is no regret about a minute past, she was. Conversations with people began to bring the same feelings, if they make sense. The conversation is over and you can safely move on to something else, pulling away from the other person. But this does not mean indifference to the conversation. This feeling that the conversation was, took place and you are no longer with her, but over her, in another place, with other thoughts, objects or people. He pulled himself together.

There is no sadness that there will be no computer or smartphone for communication or classes, that there will not be books for reading, that there will not be any interlocutors for conversations that there will be no friends and relatives. Some distant, but joyful state of bliss from the fact that all this is this minute, but it's not sad that it will not be the next. A premonition, some other level of life, when all that was, all who were in the life so it is. But you no longer cling to your hands and feet, thoughts and soul for what is given. And all this does not hold you, but allows you to exist independently, freely. Material, moral dependence has passed into the spiritual state of life. Reflected thoughts, desires and regrets. That is, there is no sense of loss, but there is a feeling of something larger that your life has become subject to you.

You begin to understand that the objects around you are temporary, and the satisfaction obtained with their help is forever. The people surrounding you pleased or saddened your thoughts and it is temporary, but filled your soul with knowledge or emotions, it is forever. And I began to understand that I had long ago separated from everything and everyone, because this is all spiritual and it is already eternal!


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