Today: March 24 2019
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First day, first year, first century

The first year in the seventh decade,
And what about the rest?
In the remainder of sixty lived,
But not lived-in.

And I start a new day,
When is not laziness
Wake up
And to touch life!

When everything is just as young
And hunger
Cognition is

When from thirst listening,
And bowing to the soul
Before the words of the elderly
And the wisdom of the ages

When the blurred vision,
But an enlightened thought,
I see clearly-
Life is Beautiful!

Friends huge crowd-
The splendor of the pillar
Love and friendship,
And not the service.

And the first year, but not the last,
Centuries heir.
As the first day that begins with the dawn,
In the soul burns.

In all ages, in any years,
Between the earth and the firmament
Day one, like the first year
Our life gives us!

And thank God, not to please,
You gave freedom,
To the mysteries touch
And wake up.

And the first day, and the first year, and the first century,
I am human,
Probably not lost
And retained his soul.


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