Today: February 21 2019
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The most unbearable work is to explain something to those who do not hear you, and do not want to hear. In order to shout among the deaf, one has to be deaf.


Sometimes I hear people say that it is difficult to read the works of the Elders, the Holy Fathers of the Church. It's not understandable language and it would be nice to adapt written to the modern Russian language.

I also thought so, when I was just beginning to read such books. But years have passed, and I realized that this is not so, that I'm wrong.

You can not change the language of truth, otherwise it will lose all meaning.

I will give a simple example: when I tried to learn prayers in secular Russian (supposedly understandable), nothing happened. As soon as I began to read the prayers in Church Slavonic, prayers poured into my soul and were remembered as something simple and understandable!

So the words of the Elders of ours ...

Adapting them to the modern word, we get just an empty sound, chatter, or a good story at best!

Maybe it makes sense, and I'm even convinced of this, that in order to understand what you want to read, you need an elementary education, which we have been deprived of for a long time. I mean the Law of God. When you go to the first grade of the school, then you already speak your language well enough. But however, you are forced to learn the alphabet, read letters, write letters. That is, we can already talk. It remains to learn to understand. Read and understand.

"The Law of God," author of Archpriest Serafim Slobodsky, may be the first step to understanding written by the Holy Fathers of the Church.

It seems to me that by reading or listening to the sermons of priests and theologians who speak an accessible language, one can understand that it's time to begin reading the primary sources. I also taught Russian, and Startsev read years with 15-ti, somewhere like that ... Over the years, living a life, the wisdom of these people strengthened my consciousness. And the works they wrote became more and more understandable. Speaking about the fact that it would be good to translate the works of the Holy Fathers into modern language, it will be similar to how you are already an adult and old you will chew the already tired gums so that the young one with strong teeth without chewing, swallowed, without understanding anything , even taste. Such reading will be useless and will not lead to knowledge of wisdom and truth.

All written is accessible to understanding, if there is to this reading the desire of the soul.

As the theologian and priest Father Demetrius Smirnov says, if you do not understand the Gospel, start reading the Gospel for the children! Literatures are understandable very much, where the works of the Elders and the Holy Fathers of the Church are laid out. We are just too lazy to find them. No more!


And a little more about the "deaf": In the Gospel of Matthew (chapter 7, article 7-8) it says: "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you; For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to the one knocking is opened. "

And even the most deaf person can hear, if the soul demands it.


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