Today: March 19 2019
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I walk along a noisy street among passers-by.
Something like me.
Skin color,
With language and gestures,
Slepleny with the same test.

Smile and talk to each other,
Do not be shy, without fear.
We are one circle.
We are one tribe,
Like seconds on a clock in time.

How are you? All is well? And from a friend?
The house is not threatened with a fire?
And that smile still.
It makes me trust,
My faith measured the word with words.

And around me there are all the brothers and sisters,
And their clothes, and their thoughts are mottled.
Somewhere sharp.
Useless and just,
Thoughts are honest, the words are lecherous.

We are so many in life and so different.
Reckless and with reason.
Clean and dirty.
All in one crowd coming,
Poor soul, rumor haves.

Carefully I go, I want to admit,
I'm not afraid to fall. I'm afraid I can not get up!
I'm not afraid to hear angry words ...
Not from them it hurts so much ... From kicks.

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