Today: March 19 2019
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There are many wars and disagreements in the world,
Among the world often see the darkness.
Remember how that dumb Gerasim,
Drown in the river your Mumu?

There are many quarrels in the world and the world itself is controversial,
After all, most recently burned in the oven.
Remember how that Othello is black,
Desdemona strangled in the night?

There are many lies in the world and you do not believe,
In that smile, for which anger.
Remember, Romeo and Juliet,
Still have to poison yourself?

In the world, among all the contradictions,
Where there are no quiet places.
Remember, Christ for his speech,
Nailed the people to the cross with a nail?

In a world where you can not hear of the world,
Where already you are not expected.
Life is more like a drawbar,
Where they drown, choke, or kill ...

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