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Passed through life

A person has gone through life,
With a train of thoughts behind him.
Just one moment, like a century.
One breath with destiny.

Passed on the life of a man,
Not just so, not anyhow.
Healthy made of cripples,
With a train of thoughts this oddball.

A bouquet of emotions presented,
Trailer of thoughts and judgments.
Most recently, he was with us,
Good deeds are a happy genius.

He is no more, but he is around,
And with our thoughts weaving,
He is like a brother to us, he to us as a friend,
In the shower warm warm up trying.

So who is he, the excitement of souls,
The source of a good inheritance?
Love impulses kind husband
And the happiness of a sincere childhood!

A source: CypLIVE

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