Today: January 17 2019
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A simple story from life

One day, near the entrance of one house, three women sat on a bench, as usual, their tongue is battered, and all the stones are washed away. The conversation went smoothly about husbands. And here one says:

- Mine, well, it's pure goat! He always wears it somewhere, it almost never happens at home! Sometimes, and does not come to sleep. Exactly the girl got on the side.

In general, scolded her husband on what the light is. The second immediately picked up:

- Yes, and my still that fool! Money earns a little, so still and thumps with friends in the evenings! And swells with them and sometimes also disappears for the night. Maybe he looks at the side too, drunk alcohol!

The third one sat and listened to them. I was silent and listened.

Speaking of their husbands all the words impartial, and sometimes obscene, two ladies suddenly turned to the third:

- And why are you silent? What about your do not say?

Then the third shyly says:

- And my good ...

I'd rather keep silent. What started here! Both babonki, shouting each other, yelled at the whole yard:

- We know these good! Hey you, good he !!!

And everything went on here that you can only tell about the peasants who are unlucky. But it was already shouting two on the third, so that my eyes opened, that she saw a lot, did not know and did not see. That nothing her husband from the two does not differ, but can even be cleaner than they are, since a good one.

The third woman sat a little more and went away from sin.

I saw her in a bad mood and asked:

"What's so sad about that?"

She told me this conversation at the entrance. I honestly laughed heartily. And she said:

"Why did you blunder so?" I should say that your bastard is the last!

She answers:

- So it's not true!

Then I say to her:

- Probably not true. A good husband of yours ... But you with the same opinion against all went, did not support the conversation that these two women liked! The black sheep became for them.

This is such an unpretentious story, but truthful, from the first mouth heard.

Sometimes, when I hear from people about chocolate, that it's shit, I grimace. They think that I agree with them. And what do I really think?


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