Today: January 18 2019
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Excuse me

Ask for forgiveness from God!
Do not be silent. At least a little.
Whisper at least. Heard.
So that the cries of sins become quieter.

Ask for forgiveness from God.
Ask, without requiring much,
You do not put anyone on your knees,
To the voice to hear prayers.

Ask for forgiveness from God.
From sin to sin all the way.
Let not everything, well, even the smallest,
To forgive me, not pity.

Ask for forgiveness from God.
From unrighteous thoughts, anxiety.
Let the heart be cleansed with forgiveness.
Life, which began baptism.

Ask for forgiveness from God.
If your words falter in syllable
And the soul suddenly sobs so bitterly,
Good. Were sincere means.

You ask God for forgiveness.
The rest you yourself forgive,
Before all, when you obey.
Do not forget. And return to God.


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